Use Passkey to access library resources, wherever you are.

When you’re off-campus, connect to databases, journals and e-books that would otherwise be restricted or hidden behind paywalls through Passkey. Just drag the Passkey icon (below) to the top of your browser. Next time you hit a restricted website, click the Passkey icon. If the Library has a subscription to the resource you’re trying to access, you’ll then be prompted for your NetID.

For more information on installing Passkey consult the Adding Passkey Library Guide.


Passkey bookmarklet

In Firefox, drag the icon to your bookmarks toolbar.

In Chrome or Microsoft Edge, drag the icon to the bookmarks toolbar (the toolbar needs to be visible; you can try ctrl-shift-b to enable it).

In Internet Explorer*, right-click the icon, add to Favorites.

For the iPad: In Settings/Safari, select Always Show Bookmarks Bar. Bookmark any page and add it to the Bookmarks Bar. Now edit the bookmark. Name it whatever you want, and then paste in the following (including the semicolon at the end):


Or add the direct link to your bookmarks or favorites on your favorite browser:


*Internet Explorer will no longer be supported as of June 2022; Microsoft recommends Edge in its place.

Using Passkey

How does Passkey work?

Passkey allows you to access electronic resources when you’re not on campus. After installing Passkey, it will show up as a bookmark in your internet browser. To use it, just go to any website you’re trying to access, click the Passkey bookmarklet, and Passkey will “show” the website that you’re affiliated with Cornell.

For example:

Step 1. If you would like to use Web of Science while off campus, you would navigate to the Web of Science home page.

Step 2. Now you can use the Passkey bookmarklet to "show" Web of Science that you are affiliated with Cornell and gain access to it. Click on the Passkey bookmarklet that is either on your bookmark bar or in your bookmark folder.


Step 3. After clicking on the Passkey bookmarklet, you will be prompted to enter your NetID and password to verify your Cornell affiliation.

Cornell's CUWebLogin screen

Step 4. Web of Science will now recognize you as a member of the current Cornell community, and you will have access to the site.

Web of Science will display a Cornell University Library logo after you have logged in.

Step 5. When you find an article you want, you can use the Get it! Cornell button to access the full text.

For more information on installing Passkey consult the Adding Passkey Library Guide.

I tried to use Passkey, but I still cannot get access to the resource. What can I do?

There are some cases in which Passkey will not work properly. Here are a few reasons it might not work:

  • The resource is free and does not require authentication.
  • Cornell University Library does not subscribe to the resource.
    Solution: Please check the Cornell University Library Catalog or Ask a Librarian for assistance. It is possible the resource is available elsewhere and the library can help you find it!