Recalls and Holds


Placing a recall on an item will send the borrower a notice that the book has been requested and must be returned sooner than the original due date. The new due date is usually 14 days from the date of recall.

To place a recall

Search for the item in the Library Catalog. If the item is checked out, the status will show "Checked out" and a due date. Click on the "Request" button to the right of the displayed item.  If you are not already logged in with your NetID and password, you will be brought to an authentication screen.  If you are already logged in, you will be brought directly to the Request options screen.  Under "Other options" click Recall and select the delivery location for the recalled item.  Your recall request will be processed immediately and remain active for 180 days.


Placing a hold on an item will put your name on a requestor list. After the borrower returns the book, and after all recall requests for the book have been satisfied, the book will be placed on hold for you. Please note that a hold will not generate a notice to the borrower and will not shorten the due date. A hold request may be superceded by a recall request, even if the hold request was placed first. A hold should be placed only when access to the book is not a priority, and you are willing to wait for an extended period of time.

To place a hold

Follow the instructions above as for Recall. At the Request options screen, choose "Hold" from the Other options selections.